Anthony “Tony” Ramirez is twenty-six years old » FC: Michael Trevino

A couple of bumps on the road is what Tony has decided to call what has shaped his life and helped him become the person he is today. Born and raised in Puerto Rico for most of his childhood, he had moved to Brooklyn, New York by the beginning of his teenagehood. His parents struggled economically so he did everything he could to provide for his family. School wasn’t hard for him seeing as he enjoyed reading and find the school system rather easy to get around, but because of his inability to assist most classes (because of his multiple jobs) he was forced to finish it online. Thanks to this though he managed to finish it rather quickly. 

During his time as a college freshman, he was still as busy but he managed to meet someone very important in his life. Sadly for him, he lost her because of his own mistakes — something he hasn’t been able to forgive himself about just yet. Even though he was suffering right after that loss, it did not stop him from continuing his studies at an advanced rate. However, just when he was about to finish one of his last semesters to get his bachelor’s degree, he was kidnapped by a scientist. While it was somewhat stressful for him to think he was stuck in that place without his family, he managed to pull through until the scientist was discovered and he was free to go back to his home. 

Once he returned to reality though, everything seemed even harder (regarding one of his jobs). So he opted on taking the money he had stolen and saved away a long time that, which, thankfully, his sister had not touched yet. He paid all the paid his entire family owed to anyone in general and he packed his bags (along with his family’s) and moved all the way to Seattle. 

Once in Seattle, he knew he needed a more stable job that would provide for his family and although he really wanted to go after education, the payment the United States give to most teachers is not enough to sustain himself and his family altogether. Not giving it much thought, Tony immediately had applied to one of the medical schools in Seattle while he was still in New York and once he had arrived to Seattle, he had received a call and an email letting him know that he was accepted. 

After four years of medical school, he decided that surgery was the most interesting career he was genuinely interested in — therefore he went after it. To his surprise, most of his friends that he had made in Seattle were going to do their internship in one of the hospitals of Manhattan, so he decided to follow his group of friends. That one year of internship he learned a lot of things. While he was initially going for the neurosurgical title, he ended up choosing plastics. The way his resident had presented it was both deep and beautiful, so he fell right into it — almost always finding a way to treat a patient who was going to be undergoing plastic surgery. 

As soon as he had taken the test for residency, he had plenty of offers from different hospitals and although he wanted to stay in Manhattan, he decided he wanted to move around. Initially he wanted to go to Seattle for his residency, wishing he’d be closer to his family but after some input from them, he decided to go somewhere else and get away from his past. Get somewhat of a fresh start. 

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