Ethan “Fox” Ares is twenty-five years old » FC: Zach Roerig

When Ethan was seven years old his parents filed for divorce because his father had a child with another woman. He remained in the custody of his mother in South Africa while his father moved to Oregon and later started a family of his own. Ethan never really heard from his father or even saw him again until ten years later because at seventeen his mother was killed during a home invasion. He blames himself for her death because instead of being home that night as he should have he decided to stay at a party with friends. He feels that if only he were at home he could have prevented her death. His dual citizenship allowed him to enter the United States to live with his father in Portland. Ethan never felt accepted by his father and his new family. Feeling like a stranger in his so called new “home”.

To make up for not having been able to protect his mother he enlisted in the U.S. Marines as soon as he turned eighteen. It was his way of being able to devote his life to protecting those around him as well as being able to get away from his new family. After serving two years Ethan ranked as a Lance Corporal Scout Sniper. However, his short time in the military caused serious mental strain. He was discharged due to being diagnosed with PTSD. Ethan decided to move back to Johannesburg and was living with another former battle buddy.

On his way to see his doctor to make alterations to his prescriptions he was kidnapped. It was worrying at first because he did not want to end up hurting someone if he were to have had an episode. He became good friends with his roommate in the house, which over time became something more. Ethan had never expected to fall in love with Owen since he had only ever identified as heterosexual and struggled greatly with talking about his feelings and their relationship, but he tried his best to overcome his insecurities with his mental illness.

Upon being relocated with the others Ethan under went experimental brain surgery; which as a result caused his PTSD to lessen drastically, even recovering from it completely over time. After re-establishing events from a brief side effect of memory loss he and Owen were able to continue their relationship and start a life together after their release. It was difficult dealing with Owen’s mother, but Fox is sure the woman will come around especially seeing how she’d been at their wedding. The two have been married now going on three years. 

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