Rayde Carson is twenty-four years old » FC: Phoebe Tonkin

Rayde’s mother died when she was 6, her father never being able to cope with the loss found life to be better in a stupor of drugs and alcohol, ultimately landing their family in the ghettos of Glasgow which she knows the workings of all too well. Growing up she suffered greatly from his violent outbursts. Though close in age the role of protector and caretaker ultimately fell to her older brother Torion. She was 15 when her father OD’ed, instead of becoming wards of the government she and her brother fled. Needless to say she is no stranger to the harsh realities of life and various forms of abuse; which caused her to become quite withdrawn.

At the age of 19 she received the worst news of all that her brother was in severe condition at a hospital in Edinburgh losing the battle for his life. She was kidnapped on her way to see him and ended up finding herself in a secluded mansion in America with other teens and young adults. The experience was quite a rollercoaster for her. For the first time she was able to try to form connections to others and explore feelings she never allowed herself to have. However, her time in the house did take a great toll on her. She was put through an overwhelming amount of mental and emotional strain primarily due to a triggering event involving another housemate. Cycling through different psychological/emotional stages in order to cope. She was eventually released from the house and sent back to Scotland a few weeks after being relocated to a town with the teens.

It’d been three long years after the mansion and the first two were the hardest, but she’d managed and made it through alive. Survival was first and foremost, Rayde had to prove it to herself and to her brother that she could make it even though he had passed. She was a dealer for awhile in the underground scene and then came the day where she had no where to run, but to Sean Flanagan. Then it became a matter of waiting. She’d adapted quickly to life with him and even gained his trust and affections though there was no love returned. All the while saving what she could and taking small cuts for herself out of his takes so that she could get away with enough to hold her over.

No one ever messed with her because she was ‘Sean’s girl’ and she used it to her advantage making herself a notable person to those around her. Rayde became much stronger of a person than she had been at the house and even before. Only having herself to truly rely on. She eventually made it out of Sean’s shadow, barely. Gaining him more power over Glasgow in exchange for their so called “break up”. She still worked for him on occasion and eventually purchased her own house. Granted, it was still in a bad location, but it was hers and she made due quite well.

One day, she received an unexpected visit from Liam, someone of her past that was a close friend and she had grown deep feelings for. It was a little overwhelming seeing as she thought he was dead since last she’d heard of how dangerous his life on the run had been. A relationship formed out of the reunion and they’ve been together for going on two years, deciding to make a move back to America when he was granted re-entry.

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